Hi we are wedding and portrait photographers based in Gainesville, FL.  My wife, Angelia, and I have been taking photographs of weddings for over three years.  We  have learned what works and what doesn’t.   Where is  the best light and what are the best poses.   We’ve worked and cried with hundreds of couples to give them not just good photographs but good photographs with soul.   We strive for our photography to have emotion, movement, and life.  Clients often ask us what style of photography we shoot in. The answer is we shoot in a style that gets the best photograph possible.  While we try to shoot in a photojournalism style whenever we can we may change to traditional wedding style to make our clients look better or if there is better storytelling to be gained.

Gainesville Wedding & Portrait Photgraphers

Yes we are Photographers but more importantly we are storytellers.   We are there to tell your story through images.  As a photographer we watch as the wedding day unfolds before us.   It may be kids playing outside while the Bride gets ready.  It may be a mother crying when she sees her daughter for the first time.   As wedding photographers we are constantly looking and anticipating these moments.   Good storytelling images also need to have good composition and good lighting.  As wedding Photographers we’ve honed these skills to know when to anticipate something is about to happen that we need to capture.     

Gainesville Wedding & Portrait Photographers


We form a strong bond with our clients.   Some have even said that engagement photo shoots with us is like and adventure.   We’ve been waist-deep in water or even standing on a sand-bar in the middle of the ocean to get unique shots.  I hope you’ll let us take you on a photo adventure with us and let us tell your story in photos.  

Gainesville Portrait and Wedding Photographers


Take a look around our site and photographs and let us know if you have any questions or comments.    You can learn more about us on our “About Us” page.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/jerrypadgettphotography Cheers!  Sincerely, Jerry