My name is Jerry Padgett and my wife and I are Photographers in Gainesville, FL.  We specialize in wedding photography,  portrait photography and family photography.   We are also well known for event photography.  Adjectives commonly used to describe our photography include fun, emotional,  and candid.  We are located near you and branded as Jerry Padgett Photography.

Wedding Photography

Over the last 4 years as wedding photographers  in Gainesville we’ve created thousands of wedding photographs for couples. We’d like to create amazing photographs for you too.

Although Brides, Grooms and engaged couples identify most with our candid photography,  you might also appreciate our ability to find emotional and irreverent moments.

You might also notice  more than a few epic “we look like we’re in a bridal magazine” photos.

Select us and we will tell your unique visual love story as you’re getting ready, through the ceremony, for family portraits, and during your reception.

Our storytelling will make you smile, laugh, and cry happy tears both tomorrow and in twenty years.  Other Photographers just take pictures.  We do more.

Gainesville Florida Wedding Photographer